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Photo by Bridget O'Brien

Proposed construction on UAlbany’s main fountain could mean no Fountain Day in 2012, and possibly even 2013.

Check out the ASP story by Jacob Fischler here.

What do you think the Student Association and the school should plan to replace the beloved spring tradition?


After our discussion on Four Loko, we decided to see what other people think.

It really bothered me that no one seems to care that the government can so easily and quickly ban a substance that hasn’t really been proved to be unsafe or dangerous. In my opinion, people should be responsible for their own decisions – like what they consume and how much they consume. Drinking too much of any alcohol can get you sick. With FourLoko and similar drinks, you just need to be a little smarter about it.

UPDATE: Phusion Products (manufacturers of Four Loko) have announced that they are re-formulating the drink and removing caffeine, taurine, and guarana.

If you really still need that extra kick of caffeine, here’s one suggestion of how to concoct Four Loko homebrew.

Last Monday, September 20th, the University at Albany began its first Military Veterans Awareness Week.

University at Albany Veterans Vice President Eric Carcia talks with Suzette Steele of Salsbury, Md., who works for Aid our Veterans. Steele spent Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday tabling on the academic podium, handing out information to students and collecting donations for homeless veterans.

With over 300 student veterans currently on campus, the UAlbany community is taking steps to make campus more veteran-friendly.

The University at Albany Veterans, formed in Fall 2009, is focused on easing the transition from military to civilian life for UAlbany’s student veterans.

“If you look around this campus, there are groups for everything – people of different cultures, religions, and sexual orientations – and that’s great, because sometimes people need a place they can belong,” said Vice President of University at Albany Veterans Eric Carcia. “For the longest time, the veterans on campus haven’t had a place where they felt they belonged.”

In the future, the group would like to bring a psychiatrist to campus to help student veterans dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Students at the University at Albany study flags hung near the small fountain in honor of Veteran's Awareness Week.

“While we do have an apparatus set up for people who have experienced physical injury, and somewhat of an apparatus for people who experience mental injuries, there are people who fall through the cracks,” said Student Association President Justin Wax Jacobs. “Nobody really acknowledges those people, and they’re left alone to their own demons.” Read the rest of this entry »