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The Roundtable asks UAlbany what they think of online dating – does it work? would you try it?

I personally think college students should stay off these sites, and go out and find someone! But once you’re out of college, I don’t think it’s such a bad idea. My aunt met my now uncle online, and so far we love him!


“Bert: Ever notice how similar my hair is to Mr. T’s? The only difference is mine is a little more ‘mo,’ a little less ‘hawk.’”

This tweet from June on the Sesame Street Twitter account sparked a controversial debate over the sexuality of two beloved male puppets.

Some took the word ‘mo’ to be short for “homosexual,” suggesting that Bert and his long-time roommate Ernie were a gay couple.

In addition to recent gay celebrity guests, some viewers think Sesame Street is trying to appeal to a gay audience, says the LA Times.

I think this is completely ridiculous, and people are reading way too far into a simple tweet. As for the celebrity guests — should they rather go out of their way to not include homosexual celebrities? I don’t think so.

Sesame Street has denied these rumors, will CEO Gary Knell explaining it simply:

“They are not gay, they are not straight, they are puppets. They don’t exist below the waist.”

Yesterday mash-up artist Greg Gillis, also known as Girl Talk, released an unannounced new album online — as a free download.

What I love about this guy is that he takes music I don’t particularly care for – rap, hip hop – and mixes it with songs I love. No genres or time periods are off limits. In the song above, he samples Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs,” Jay-Z’s “99 Problems,” Jane’s Addiction’s “Jane Says,” Cali Swag District’s “Teach me how to dougie,” The Ramones’ “Blitzkrieg Pop,” Color Me Badd’s “I wanna sex you up,” and more.

“The Round Table” discusses Michigan’s recent ban on Four Loko and whether or not state governments should be allowed to ban such products.

Special thanks to @therealDJATG for helping us figure out garage band!

It’s a Saturday night, you send a quick text or Tweet, head to the corner, pass over the money, and get the goods – piping hot homemade pizza.

Satisfied customers give Tweetzzapizza a thumbs up. Photo courtesy of Tweetzzapizza.

“Everything is better when it’s sketchy,” says one of the two men behind Albany’s new underground pizza business, Tweetzzapizza.

The Twitter-based eatery was launched on September 11th and has been open almost every Saturday night since. The creators are two friends of four years; one cooks while the other delivers, markets, and manages. Both wish to remain anonymous due to the mysterious nature of their business.

“It wasn’t serious at all, at first,” said the cook.

“The way our friendship works is I come up with a crazy idea, and he eggs me on, or he comes up with a crazy idea, and I egg him on,” said the manager.

They came up for the idea for Tweetzzapizza one night when they were hanging out with friends around a computer.  While joking about starting a pizza business, they decided to do it – but keep it sketchy. After creating an e-mail account and coming up with the username (pizzaunderground was one letter too long), Tweetzzapizza was born.

Operating out of the cook’s one-oven kitchen, Tweetzzapizza is makeshift and homemade in every sense. Delivery, while occasionally by car, is often via a cargo bicycle from the Troy Bike Rescue.

“It’s sort of a Frankenbike,” said the manager. The bike has a tandem frame with a piece of plywood strapped to it to carry the pizzas.
“It amazes me, how many girls are totally okay with meeting a guy on a bike on the corner at night.”
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Who is the Capital Region press favoring this election season?

Times Union

The Times Union’s editorial board has endorsed both Andrew Cuomo for governor and Harry Wilson for comptroller.

Side-by-side comparison of candidates at

Their news section includes a “voters’ guide” that gives candidates the opportunity to lay out their platforms and plans. You can also compare candidates side-by-side, as shown left.


“CNN has a Democratic slant. Their liberal agenda is shown through the
wording they used. When referring to President Obama they called him the
‘leader of the free world’,” says my classmate Suzy.

Their website involves an Election Center – The polls, the races, the
basics, the issues. This covers nationwide issues and is straightforward.a

When CNN refers to the Rally to Restore Sanity, they mock conservative Glenn Beck’s Rally to Restore Honor, making Beck look dumb while supporting Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert’s version.


Alternative newsweekly magazine Metroland has quite a bit of opinion articles on the election, but puts a comedic twist on it. They have an entire feature comparing the Tea Party to zombies, called “Of Teabaggers and Zombies – A Metroland guide to protecting yourself from the brain-dead Tea Party zombie apocalypse.”

Their description of Carl Paladino reads:

“Carl Paladino—Republican Candidate for governor of New York state. Mr. Paladino has clearly been infected by the “Rage” virus a la 28 Days Later. Zombies of this type are initially fast and vicious, but their anger burns out after a while. If they find their prey, they will simply eat themselves to death in a rage-fueled gorgefest. They are also known for their hate speech. Zombie defenders will tell you that zombies are just politically correct. But their obsession with bestiality videos, racial jokes and porn in general is well-documented. Zombies of this strain also have a particular hatred for the media. “Me take you out!” they scream at journalists. Don’t identify yourself as a member of the press or you will quickly be dismembered. But there is a very easy way to pacify these poor wretches: Rage zombies are revolted and frightened to death by alternative lifestyles. Gay-pride parades will always be safe from this sort of zombie.”

This weekend, I had the chance to interview the master of interviewing herself – Barbara Walters. I asked this legendary journalist about social media, Twitter, my generation’s news habits, and how to be successful in any profession.


Barbara Walters spoke at the third World Within Reach Speaker Series. The legendary journalist talked about the people she's interviewed throughout her career. Photo by Leon Ferri.


Albany Student Press: What advice do you have for today’s college students hoping to be successful?

Barbara Walters: Well the first thing, and it’s cliché but it’s true, is follow your bliss. What do you want to do? What do you really love? That’s the hardest decision, especially when everybody else seems to know exactly what they want to do, and you’re the only one that doesn’t. I didn’t. My career didn’t start until I was in my 30’s. The second thng is get your foot in the door. Don’t be too proud. If you want to get into television or radio or newspapers, take any kind of a job. Get there before everybody, stay there later than everybody, and do what you love.

ASP: What attracted you to journalism?

BW: I’m not sure I was attracted, per say, to journalism. I went to work for the local station – this has been a long time, I have to go back a few years. I loved television. I started in the publicity department. My father was very well known in show business and so I knew a lot of the people and I started in the publicity department at was what was then NBC’s local station. Then I was made a producer, and then I was made a network producer. I had no thought of being on the air, it wasn’t going to happen with me. And part of it was that I was in the right place at the right time on the Today show and they knew me because I had been writing for everyone else. So in a way, it was accidental. I never set out and said, “I’m going to be a journalist.” I had a knack for writing and that was helpful. I wrote the way I talked and in television, that’s very helpful. Unless you don’t like the way I talk, and then it’s no help at all. Read the rest of this entry »